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Vpn faq - will answer all your vpn camfrog related issues, so you can use waselpro vpn for Camfrog without any problem so learn to unblock camfrog right now!.

Getting WASEL Pro

Download the latest versionhere.


Follow simple installation instructions


Connect / Disconnect
To connect and use our VPN service select desired server from combo-box and when done click on "Connect" button, located on main frame

To register and get more time go to "Sign in" tab and select "Register" button

You will be redirected to where you can register your account and later pay for additional time.

If you are a registered user and want to log in to our VPN service go to "Sign in" tab, fill "E-mail" and "Password" fields. After this operation hit the "Login" button.

Upgrading software
Every time application starts, you will see notification if new version is released 

Follow instructions and go to "Get Help" tab and press "Update" wait restart prompt and then press "Restart" button

Wait for application to start automatically – it is now successfully updated.

Settings window looks like this 

Here you can select application language in upper combo-box. Lower you see three options: "Automatically connect" – connects every-time application starts, "Run at system start" – starts WASEL Pro when you start Windows and "Reconnect automatically" – reconnects if VPN client unexpectedly disconnected.


If you later decide to uninstall WASEL Pro go to “Start” “All Programs” WASEL Pro and select “Uninstall”. After that follow simple uninstaller dialog and complete operation.


Manuals for connecting to L2TP VPN:



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